The process:   

1) choose your preferred form of participation:
a) personal; b) distance; c) remote

2) Prepare photos of your works, from 1 MB to 20 MB, formats . jpg, . tiff

3) Fill in "Registration form" , one form for each art object

4) Once you have filled in the registration form, you will receive a confirmation of your work’s participation in the project (within 1-2 working days) as well as a link to pay the registration fee.  Copy of the receipt must be sent to You will receive final confirmation that your work is accepted in the project, only after we receive a receipt or a screenshot of your payment.

What do I do after receiving a confirmation e-mail?

а) IF YOU PARTICIPATE REMOTELY the sent files will be printed, processed and transported to the exhibition by the organizing committee. You can subscribe to our social media to follow events: 
Telegram: ; ; 

b) IF YOU CHOSE DISTANCE PARTICIPATION then after the registration, payment and confirmation by the organizing committee, send your works by Russian Post or bring them personally to the Moscow organizing committee (119072, Moscow, Serafimovicha str., 2, "Yunost" social club, "Eurasian Art Union". We must receive your works no later than July 6, 2023.

c) IF YOU PARTICIPATE PERSONALLY before booking a plane ticket, call the organizing committee to clarify details (whatsapp: +7 925 433-88-21)

Time left to register